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Meet our team


Lead Financial Guide

We proudly introduce Pierre, our esteemed Lead Financial Guide at SimpleFrance.com. Hailing from Paris and possessing a deep comprehension of France’s financial milieu, Pierre is devoted to helping expatriates and travelers understand the nuances of managing finances in this enchanting nation.

Pierre embarked on his financial journey with a degree in Economics from a prestigious French university. He then accumulated invaluable experience working in diverse financial institutions throughout France. Over time, he discovered his zeal for aiding expatriates in grasping and maneuvering through the distinct financial environment of his homeland.

Pierre demystifies intricate financial notions in his role, offering lucid, practical advice. Whether you’re curious about initiating a bank account, seeking clarity on French tax laws, or desiring insights on budgeting in France, Pierre is your go-to expert.

Pierre is unwavering in his commitment to delivering current, precise information. He consistently keeps abreast of France’s newest financial trends and regulations, ensuring you receive the most pertinent and timely counsel.

Outside of work, Pierre relishes the beauty of the French countryside, wandering through the vineyards of Bordeaux or experimenting with classic French recipes in his kitchen. Pierre’s financial acumen, enthusiasm for aiding others, and deep affection for France render him an indispensable asset to the SimpleFrance.com team.


Relocation Expert

Introducing Amélie, our devoted Relocation Expert at SimpleFrance.com. Born and raised in Lyon, Amélie possesses a profound grasp of French culture, traditions, and way of life, which she leverages to offer you unparalleled relocation guidance.

Having earned a degree in international relations and having extensive experience assisting international employees in their move to France, Amélie is a treasure trove of knowledge. She excels in managing the practical aspects of relocating to France, from navigating bureaucratic processes to pinpointing the ideal quartier to settle in.

Amélie’s methodology is both personal and compassionate. Recognizing that every expatriate’s journey is unique, she is dedicated to furnishing advice that’s meticulously tailored to individual circumstances. Whether you’re seeking insights into the French real estate market, strategies for assimilating into French society, or tips to surmount language challenges, Amélie stands ready to assist.

Amélie can often be spotted wandering through Lyon’s historic districts, reveling in local art festivals, or trekking in the picturesque French countryside when not at work. Her profound understanding of France, zeal for aiding others, and unwavering commitment make her an invaluable member of the SimpleFrance.com ensemble.


Lifestyle Coordinator

Completing our team is Luc, our enthusiastic Lifestyle Coordinator. Originating from the lively city of Marseille, Luc embodies the essence of the French lifestyle, gracing our platform with enthralling glimpses into France’s rich culture and traditions.

Luc pursued Cultural Studies in university and has journeyed throughout France, savoring the nation’s varied lifestyle delights firsthand. His expertise spans from Provence’s lavender fields to Paris’s bustling boulevards, from traditional Bastille Day celebrations to modern French cinema.

In his role as a lifestyle coordinator, Luc’s goal is to help you engage deeply with the French way of life. His detailed guides offer a local perspective on French culture, customs, cuisine, and more, aiding you in living in France and truly belonging to its dynamic society.

Luc is more than just an informant; he’s a raconteur. His personal tales and profound cultural insights vivify France for our audience. Whether you’re keen on savoring French delicacies, grasping local etiquettes, or discovering the choicest spots to relax, Luc is your quintessential guide.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Luc often roams Marseille’s scenic locales, hikes in the Provence countryside, or savors the newest vintages from local vineyards. Luc’s zest for life, fervor for showcasing French culture, and dedication to enriching your French journey render him an essential pillar of the SimpleFrance.com team.