Buying a PS5 in France: Where To Buy It Online


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The PlayStation 5, or as it’s commonly referred to, the PS5, has been nothing short of a global sensation. Since its launch, the demand for this next-generation console has skyrocketed, leading to a frenzy of gamers trying to get their hands on one.

For foreigners in the country, navigating the world of French retail can be a tad overwhelming. Not only is there the challenge of understanding where to buy, but also the intricacies of pricing, availability, and potential language barriers.

In this guide, we’ll explore the nuances of buying a PS5 in France, ensuring you are well-prepared for this thrilling venture.


  • Both in-store and online purchases have their distinct advantages in France.
  • Pricing in France is inclusive of VAT, but additional costs like games and accessories can add up.
  • Overcoming the language barrier is manageable with translation tools and basic French phrases.
  • French warranty laws provide robust consumer protection, but understanding the specifics is key.
  • The PS5’s high demand means stock issues are common, but patience and strategy can prevail.

Understanding the French Retail Landscape

Delving into France’s retail scene, especially for electronics and gaming, is like entering a vibrant marketplace brimming with options. For those unfamiliar, it can seem like a maze. However, a little knowledge about the major players and the French shopping culture can simplify this task tremendously.

Major Electronics and Gaming Stores in France

France houses many retail giants catering to tech and gaming enthusiasts. Some of the most renowned include:

Fnac: One of the largest retailers in France, Fnac is a haven for all things electronics, books, and media. Their extensive gaming section offers not only gaming consoles like the PS5 but also a wide array of games and accessories.

Darty: Another major electronic chain, Darty is synonymous with quality appliances and electronics. Their gaming section is equally comprehensive, providing buyers with multiple options for their PS5 purchase.

Micromania: This is the go-to store for hardcore gaming enthusiasts. Micromania specializes in video games and gaming consoles, offering pre-orders, special editions, and exclusive releases.

Boulanger: An extensive electronics and appliance store, Boulanger also stocks up on gaming essentials. Their generous warranty policies and customer service make them a favorite among many.

Shopping Culture in France

When shopping in France, there are a few distinct characteristics to be aware of:

Quality over Quantity

The French take pride in the quality of products. Whether it’s clothing, food, or electronics, there’s a distinct emphasis on ensuring that what you buy is of top-notch quality. This means that while you might sometimes pay a premium, the product, such as the PS5, is likely to be genuine and reliable.

Sales Periods

France has specific periods in the year when sales (‘soldes’ in French) are officially allowed. The most notable are the summer and winter sales. During these times, you can expect discounts on a range of products, including electronics.

Opening Hours

Unlike some countries where stores might be open round the clock, in France, most stores adhere to specific opening and closing times. Larger stores in big cities might stay open a bit later, but in smaller towns, they might close early.

Where to Buy: In-store vs. Online

Embarking on the journey to procure a PS5 in France presents two primary avenues: the tactile experience of in-store shopping and the convenience of online platforms. Both have their own set of advantages and considerations. Let’s delve into these to help you determine the best approach for your purchase.

In-store Shopping

The experience of walking into a store, feeling the excitement of other gamers, and having a direct interaction with the product can be unmatched for many. Here are some of the pros and cons:


Tangible Experience: Holding a PS5 box, checking out its accessories, or even interacting with store demos can be a fulfilling experience.

Immediate Purchase: Unlike online shopping where you might have to wait for delivery, buying in-store means you get your PS5 then and there.

Personal Assistance: Store staff can provide insights, answer queries, and even help with set-up or accessory recommendations.


Stock Limitations: Physical stores might have limited stock due to space constraints or high in-store demand.

Language Barrier: As a foreigner, there might be challenges in communication if the store staff isn’t fluent in English.

Online Shopping

For those who prioritize convenience, online platforms might be the preferred route. Here’s what to expect:


Wider Selection: Online platforms often offer a broader range of products, including exclusive bundles or editions that might not be available in-store.

Convenience: Shopping from the comfort of your home, especially if you’re still grappling with the French language, can be a boon.

Stock Updates: Many online platforms offer notifications for when a product like the PS5 is back in stock.


Wait Times: Once you’ve placed an order, there’s typically a waiting period for delivery, which might test your patience.

Potential Scams: Especially with high-demand products, there’s a risk of encountering third-party sellers who might not be genuine.

Shipping Costs: Depending on the platform and your location in France, there might be additional costs associated with delivery.

Pricing in France

Acquiring a PS5 is an investment, and understanding the pricing landscape in France is pivotal to ensuring you get the best value for your money. France’s pricing for electronics, like in many European countries, is inclusive of taxes and fees, but there are other factors that could influence the final price.

General Price Range for the PS5

The PlayStation 5, since its launch, has had a relatively consistent price range in official retail stores. However, depending on the edition (Standard or Digital) and any bundled offers, there can be variations:

  • Standard Edition: This edition, which includes the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, is typically priced higher than its digital counterpart. As of now, you can expect to find it within the range of €499 to €549.
  • Digital Edition: Without the disc drive, the Digital Edition generally costs around €399 to €449.

It’s important to note that these prices can fluctuate based on demand, stock, and any promotional events. Furthermore, prices from third-party sellers or resale platforms might be inflated, especially during periods of high demand.

Potential Additional Costs

While the console itself is a significant purchase, there are other expenses to consider:

  • Games: New game titles for the PS5 typically range between €60 to €80. However, prices might be reduced during sales or for older titles.
  • Accessories: Additional controllers, charging docks, headsets, or VR sets can add to the overall cost. These vary in price but budgeting an extra €50 to €150 can be a good starting point.
  • Extended Warranty: While the PS5 comes with a standard manufacturer warranty, some retailers offer extended warranties for an added fee. This can range anywhere from €30 to €60 for an additional year or two of coverage.

VAT (Value Added Tax) and Its Implications for Foreigners

In France, the Value Added Tax (VAT) is already included in the displayed price of products. Currently, the standard VAT rate for electronics is 20%. For foreigners, especially those from non-EU countries, it’s worth exploring the possibility of a VAT refund if planning to export the product.

Many retailers offer “duty-free” shopping for tourists, which can result in significant savings. However, this process requires keeping the purchase receipts and presenting them, along with the unused product, at the airport’s customs office upon departure.

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Buying a PS5 in France: The Language Barrier

Navigating the purchase of a high-demand item like the PS5 in a foreign country can be a rewarding experience. However, the language barrier in France can present unique challenges, especially for those not well-versed in French. Overcoming this obstacle requires a mix of preparation, patience, and a few handy tools.

Tips on Navigating French Electronic Store Websites

Online shopping might seem like the ideal route to bypass language difficulties, but French websites can sometimes be a maze of unfamiliar terms and phrases. Here’s how to make the experience smoother:

  • Utilize Built-in Browser Translations: Modern browsers often offer automated translation features. While these translations may not always be perfect, they can give you a general understanding of product descriptions, reviews, and checkout processes.
  • Bookmark Key Terms: Having a list of common terms related to gaming and shopping can expedite your online browsing. For example:
    • Console: Same as in English
    • Jeux: Games
    • Panier: Cart
    • Acheter: Buy
    • Livraison: Delivery
  • Use a Dedicated Translation App: Apps like Google Translate or Duolingo can be invaluable. They can translate real-time text from websites and also assist with spoken language.

Useful Phrases and Vocabulary for In-store Shopping

Walking into a store provides a tactile experience, but communicating your needs is essential. Here are some phrases and vocabulary that might come in handy:

English TermFrench TermTranslation
Looking forJe chercheI’m looking for
Game in stockJeu en stockGame in stock
How much does it cost?Combien coûte-t-il?How much does it cost?

Seeking English-speaking Staff

While not a guarantee, many larger stores in urban areas or tourist-heavy regions might have staff members who speak a bit of English. A simple, “Parlez-vous anglais?” (“Do you speak English?”) can open up the conversation.

Warranty and After-sales Service

When investing in a high-value product like the PS5, understanding the warranty and after-sales services is important. France, like many European countries, has stringent consumer protection laws that work in favor of the buyer. However, being aware of the specifics can save you potential hassles and ensure peace of mind.

How Warranties Typically Work in France

In France, warranties for products like the PS5 can be broadly categorized into two:

Legal Warranty

This is a mandatory warranty provided by the seller, ensuring the product is in conformity with the sale agreement. In essence, it covers any defects that were present at the time of delivery. This warranty lasts for two years from the date of delivery.

  • “Garantie légale de conformité”: This aspect of the legal warranty covers any issues that make the product unsuitable for its intended use. If your PS5 has a defect within the first two years, the seller is obligated to repair, replace, or refund the product, depending on the situation.
  • “Garantie des vices cachés”: This refers to hidden defects. If a defect, not apparent at the time of purchase, surfaces and renders the product unusable, you have the right to return the product and get a full refund.

Commercial Warranty

Often referred to as the “extended warranty,” this is an additional service offered by many retailers, sometimes at an extra cost. It usually extends the protection period and might cover aspects not included in the legal warranty.

The Importance of Keeping Receipts and Understanding Return Policies

Your purchase receipt (often termed “facture” in French) is a vital document. Not only does it serve as proof of purchase, but it is also necessary for any warranty claims. Some pointers to remember:

  • Always store the receipt in a safe place.
  • Some stores offer digital receipts, which can be handy as a backup.
  • Understand the return policy of the store. While the law mandates certain protections, individual retailers might have their own policies regarding return periods, conditions for returns, and potential restocking fees.

After-sales Services

Most major retailers in France offer after-sales services, often termed “Service Après-Vente” or SAV. This service covers repairs, part replacements, and maintenance. It’s beneficial to inquire about the specifics of SAV when making your purchase. Knowing, for instance, if there are any associated fees, turnaround times, and if they provide loaner units can be invaluable information should you need to utilize the service.

Availability and Stock Issues

Navigating this landscape requires an understanding of stock patterns, how retailers manage demand, and strategies to increase your chances of securing the coveted PS5.

Patterns of Stock Availability

When the PS5 initially launched, it saw a global shortage, and France was no exception. The reasons ranged from production challenges to logistical delays. Over time, certain patterns have emerged:

Restock Waves: Retailers typically receive stock in waves. These restocks might not be on a regular schedule, but larger stores often have more frequent deliveries.

Holiday and Sales Seasons: Periods like Christmas or the French ‘soldes’ (sales) can sometimes see increased stock availability. However, demand also rises during these times.

Bundle Offers: To manage demand and promote sales, retailers occasionally offer the PS5 as part of a bundle, including games and accessories. These bundles might be available even when standalone consoles aren’t.

Strategies to Tackle Stock Shortages

While the demand-supply imbalance can be frustrating, a proactive approach can increase your chances of success:

Sign Up for Notifications: Many online retailers and even physical stores offer stock alert notifications. This can give you a head start as soon as the PS5 becomes available.

Regularly Check Major Retailers: Frequent checks on websites or in-store visits to places like Fnac, Darty, or Micromania can sometimes yield results.

Avoid Scalpers: Due to the high demand, there’s been a rise in scalpers buying PS5 units to resell at exorbitant prices. While it might be tempting to pay extra to secure a unit, it’s advisable to be cautious. Not only might you overpay, but there’s also a risk of scams.

Patience is Key

While it’s understandable to want the latest gaming console immediately, it’s essential to remember that production will eventually catch up with demand. Being patient can lead to not only securing the console but also avoiding potential markups or scams.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Purchase

buying a ps5 in france

While you’ve garnered a significant understanding of buying a PS5 in France from the previous sections, there are always a few additional insights that can make your purchasing experience even more seamless. Here are some supplementary tips tailored to ensure your venture is as smooth as possible.

Research Ahead

  • Regional Plugs and Voltage: France uses Type E electrical sockets. Ensure that your PS5 (or any additional accessories) is compatible or that you have the necessary adapters.
  • Console Regionality: Gaming consoles often have region-specific features. While the PS5 is not region-locked for gaming, Blu-ray or DVD playback might be. It’s beneficial to understand these nuances.

Cultivating Connections

  • Engage with Gaming Communities: France has a vibrant gaming community. Engaging with local gaming forums, online groups, or even visiting gaming cafes can yield inside information on stock availability or upcoming promotions.
  • Leverage Loyalty Programs: Many major retailers in France offer loyalty programs. Being a member can sometimes give you early access to sales, special discounts, or priority notifications.

Safety First

  • Secure Transactions: Always ensure that online payments are done on secure websites (look for ‘https’ in the URL). Avoid sharing sensitive financial details over the phone or email.
  • Meet Safely for Local Sales: If you’re considering buying from a local seller or through platforms like Leboncoin, always meet in public places and, if possible, during daylight hours.

Embrace the Experience

  • Enjoy the French Retail Scene: Shopping in France can be a unique experience. From bustling grand magasins (large department stores) to quaint boutique shops, embrace the French retail charm.
  • Be Adaptive: While the PS5 might be the current goal, be open to exploring other gaming platforms or engaging with the broader gaming culture in France. It could lead to unexpected joys and connections.

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