Where to Buy a Laptop in France | Online and Physical stores


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This guide aims to navigate you through the French laptop market, providing practical insights on where to buy a laptop in France, what to expect in terms of price, and ensuring you get the best quality for your budget.


  • France offers a blend of brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers, and second-hand platforms for laptop purchases.
  • Navigating through French laptop retailers requires awareness of the AZERTY keyboard layout and language settings.
  • Online platforms, such as Amazon.fr, LDLC, and Cdiscount, provide vast choices with buyer protections.
  • Second-hand options, like Leboncoin and Facebook Marketplace, offer budget-friendly alternatives with precautions needed.
  • Always consider after-sales services, voltage compatibility, and future upgrade potential when making a purchase in France.

Where To Buy A Laptop In France: Brick-and-Mortar Stores

While the convenience of online shopping continues to grow in popularity, there’s an undeniable appeal in visiting physical stores. Not only can you physically examine the laptop, but there’s also the opportunity to engage with knowledgeable staff and get immediate answers to your questions. Here’s a deep dive into some of the top brick-and-mortar options in France.


A household name in France, Fnac stands as one of the country’s top destinations for electronics, books, and entertainment products.

Overview and Reputation: Established in the early 1950s, Fnac has since built a reputation for offering a vast range of products. Over the decades, it has solidified its status as a go-to location for technology enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike.

Range of Laptops: Here, you can expect to find a broad selection of laptops, from the latest Apple MacBooks to powerful gaming rigs by Asus, and everything in between. Their layout often categorizes laptops based on their primary use-case, such as business, gaming, or everyday browsing, making the selection process more straightforward.

Average Price and Quality: While Fnac offers competitive prices, especially during sales seasons like “les soldes”, their focus is often on mid to high-end devices. Quality assurance is high, and many products come with additional warranties or service packages, albeit at an added cost.


Another leading electronics retailer in France is Darty.

Description and Popularity: Known for its signature red and white branding, Darty has been a fixture in the French electronics market for over 60 years. Its popularity stems from its commitment to customer service and post-sale support.

Diversity of Brands and Models: Darty’s laptop section is expansive, with choices ranging from budget-friendly models to more premium options. Brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer are prominently displayed, providing a balance between price and performance.

Price and Quality Insight: Darty often runs promotions and offers financing options, making it easier to invest in a pricier laptop. Quality is paramount, with many laptops coming with the added assurance of Darty’s own warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s.


Boulanger is yet another electronics titan in the French market.

Introduction: With its roots dating back to the 1950s, Boulanger combines a rich history with modern retail aesthetics, ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience.

Laptops on Offer: Boulanger boasts a diverse array of laptops, emphasizing both functionality and design. It’s an excellent place to find newer brands or unique models that might not be available elsewhere.

Cost and Quality Comparison: In terms of pricing, Boulanger is competitive, often matching or slightly undercutting its main rivals. Their focus on quality is evident, with a strong emphasis on customer feedback and post-purchase support.

Local Independent Shops

Venturing beyond the major chains, local independent electronics shops pepper the streets of many French cities and towns.

Value of Supporting Local: These stores offer a more personalized shopping experience, often building loyal customer bases thanks to their bespoke service. By choosing to buy from them, you not only get a laptop but also support local businesses.

Unique Brands or Models: Some of these shops may carry niche brands or custom-built laptops catering to specific needs, be it graphic design, music production, or gaming.

Understanding Price and Quality: Often, these shops might have higher prices due to lower volumes. However, the added cost can sometimes translate into superior after-sales support, in-depth consultations, or even hands-on setup assistance.

Online Retailers

where to buy a laptop in france

The digital age has brought with it the undeniable convenience of online shopping. For those who prefer the comfort of browsing from their homes or are on the lookout for specific models or deals, turning to online platforms is a savvy move. In France, there’s a rich selection of online retailers catering to every tech need and budget.

Online RetailerKey Features
Amazon.fr– User-friendly with English version
– Vast product range
– Robust buyer protection
LDLC– Tech-specialized store
– Expert reviews
– Competitive prices with promotions
Cdiscount– Broad product categories
– Regular flash sales
– Bundle offers and discounts


Arguably the most recognized name in online shopping globally, Amazon.fr offers a tailored shopping experience for the French market.

Ease of Use: The platform is user-friendly, with intuitive navigation. Additionally, for those who aren’t fluent in French, Amazon offers an English version of their site, simplifying the shopping process for non-native speakers.

Breadth of Choices and Price Range: From entry-level laptops to high-end powerhouses, the range on Amazon.fr is vast. Brands from all corners of the globe can be found here, ensuring that regardless of preference, there’s likely a match.

Buyer Protection and Warranty Information: One of the key advantages of shopping on Amazon is the robust buyer protection in place. With easy returns, comprehensive reviews, and transparent seller ratings, making an informed decision is simplified. Many products also come with the option of extended warranties, adding another layer of assurance.


Dedicated to tech aficionados, LDLC is a French-based online retailer specializing in electronics.

About LDLC: Being a specialist store, LDLC offers an array of tech products, with a keen focus on catering to both casual users and hardcore tech enthusiasts.

Advantages of Specialization: Buying from a platform that understands tech means access to detailed product specifications, expert reviews, and often a broader range of niche or specialist products.

Price and Quality Points: LDLC prides itself on offering competitive prices. Their frequent promotions, loyalty programs, and bundle offers ensure that customers often get more bang for their buck. As for quality, the platform’s curated selection ensures that only reputable brands make the cut.


A giant in the French e-commerce scene, Cdiscount is a one-stop-shop for everything from fashion to electronics.

Introduction to Cdiscount: While it offers a vast range of products, its electronics section is particularly noteworthy. Their competitive pricing often makes them a top choice for bargain hunters.

Range of Laptops and Pricing: Cdiscount frequently updates its inventory with the latest laptop models. Their flash sales and discount events, especially during peak shopping seasons, make high-end devices more accessible.

Special Deals or Offers: Apart from seasonal sales, Cdiscount often has bundle offers, where buying a laptop might come with complimentary accessories or software. Such deals can enhance the overall value of the purchase.

Advantages of Online Shopping in France

Navigating through the digital shelves of online retailers comes with its set of benefits:

  • Convenience: Shopping at any hour, comparing models side by side, and having products delivered to your doorstep are undeniable perks.
  • Broader Selection: Unlike physical stores, online platforms aren’t limited by shelf space. This often translates to a wider range of products and variants.
  • Price Comparison Tools: Many sites, including the ones mentioned, offer price comparison tools or display user reviews, ensuring that customers make informed decisions.

Second-Hand Options

While brand-new laptops come with the allure of untouched hardware and the latest features, second-hand options often present a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising too much on performance. In France, several platforms cater specifically to this market, allowing users to find reliable devices at a fraction of the original price.


Regarded as the Craigslist of France, Leboncoin is a widely-used classified ads website where locals buy and sell a range of items, including electronics.

Overview of Leboncoin: This platform is essentially a marketplace for second-hand goods, where individual sellers list items they wish to part with. Laptops are a popular category, with listings updated daily.

Tips on Safe Purchasing: When considering a laptop from Leboncoin:

  • Engage with sellers who have good reviews or have been active for a while.
  • Always ask for actual photos of the laptop, not just stock images.
  • Meet in public places or in areas with surveillance when picking up the device.
  • Inspect the laptop thoroughly before finalizing the purchase, ensuring it matches the description and works properly.

Facebook Marketplace

Another platform gaining traction for second-hand deals is Facebook Marketplace.

Using the Platform in France: Accessible via the main Facebook app or website, the Marketplace offers a localized shopping experience. Just set your location to your city or region in France, and relevant listings will populate your feed.

Advantages Over Traditional Retailers: Being a social platform, it’s easier to gauge the credibility of sellers based on their profiles. You can see mutual connections, how long the account has been active, and even chat in real-time to clarify doubts.

Safety Tips for Meeting Sellers: Much like with Leboncoin:

  • Opt for well-lit, public places for transactions.
  • Bring a friend along, if possible, for added security.
  • Ensure the device is reset to factory settings to avoid accessing previous users’ data.

Things to Keep in Mind

When diving into the second-hand market, there are certain aspects one should always be wary of:

  • Warranty and Repairs: Unlike new devices, second-hand laptops might not come with a warranty. Ask the seller about any existing warranties and keep a lookout for local repair shops, just in case.
  • Verifying Specifications: Ensure the device’s specifications match what was advertised. Simple tools like the system settings or third-party software can validate the laptop’s internals.
  • Checking Battery Health: One of the common wear-out components in laptops is the battery. Before purchasing, check the battery’s health to ensure it doesn’t require an immediate replacement.

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Things to Keep in Mind

When in pursuit of a new laptop, especially in a foreign country, there’s a multitude of factors to consider. Beyond the basic metrics of price and performance, certain nuances are essential to ensure a seamless buying experience. Let’s delve into some key points to consider while shopping for a laptop in France.

Language and Keyboard Layout

A primary concern for foreigners is often the language settings and keyboard layout.

  • French Keyboard Layout: Known as the AZERTY layout, it differs from the common QWERTY format found in many countries. Certain keys are placed differently, which can take some time to get used to.
  • Switching Language Settings: Modern laptops allow users to change language settings easily. However, it’s vital to ensure that the laptop’s default language can be switched to your preferred one, especially if you’re not comfortable navigating in French.

After-Sales Service

The relationship with your laptop doesn’t end once you leave the store or click the “purchase” button online.

  • Warranty and Guarantees: French consumer law is generally quite protective. Most electronics, including laptops, come with a two-year legal warranty. Make sure to keep your purchase receipt as proof for any potential warranty claims.
  • Authorized Repair Centers: Especially if you opt for a well-known brand, locate the authorized service centers nearby. They can be crucial for repairs or part replacements.

Compatibility and Voltage

While most modern devices are adaptable, it’s always good to be sure.

  • Power Adapters: France operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Ensure that your laptop charger is compatible or invest in a universal adapter.
  • Software Compatibility: If you rely on specific software or tools, verify that they’re compatible with your new laptop’s operating system, especially if you’re switching between Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

Product Reviews and Research

A little research goes a long way in making an informed purchase.

  • Utilizing Local Forums: Websites like Les Numériques or 01net offer in-depth reviews and comparisons of tech products in the French market. They can be valuable resources to understand the pros and cons of a particular model.
  • Customer Feedback: Whether shopping online or in-store, pay attention to user reviews. Real-world experiences from other users can offer insights that traditional product descriptions might miss.

Consider the Future

Thinking ahead ensures that your laptop remains a valuable tool for years to come.

  • Upgradability: As software grows more demanding, having a laptop that allows for upgrades (like adding more RAM or swapping out the hard drive) can extend its useful life.
  • Resale Value: Certain brands or models might have better resale values in the French market. If you foresee selling your laptop in the future, this could be a factor to consider.

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